Monday, 9 May 2011

Vintage Inspirations

I constantly being inspired by different things all over the place whilst on my journey and quest to find amazing vintage items. Old buildings, Antiques, Florals, Pretty Patterns, Music, People and Photography. 

I am hugely inspired by photography particularly the work of Tim Walker and David Hamilton. I love the fun shots, the story telling images and the use of props within their work. 

A popular photographer during the 1970s who worked with ELLE and QUEEN magazine. He grew up in London whilst also spending a great deal of time in Dorset. He was extremely popular for his dreamy like and grainy style of photography which bought him success very quickly.

I love these photos above by David Hamilton. It gives a sense of the seventies and fun hippy/festival vibe.

My favourite photographer of all time due to his imaginative, magnificent story telling images. 

These two photos are by far my favourite photographs. Tim Walker - An outstanding fashion photographer from London with extravagant staging, romantic motifs and unmistakeable style. 

I really love how his photgraphy is enchanting and fascinating. I have always loved his use of props in the images as I think they provide a striking and exciting effect. I love these images and they portray the mood and atmosphere of a hot summers day well.

The fantasy and day dreamy effect of this photo by Tim Walker, gives a real sense of a fun day out on the lake during a hot summers day.

 This photo by Time Walker is amazing. I think it portrays a fun and exciting atmosphere and one which you definitely would want to be a part of. 

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