Tuesday, 3 May 2011

News - Has the Recession resulted in a rise of the Vintage Trend?

‘We shopped CHARITY SHOPS creating 
spawning a trend, 
that made our lovely grandmas 
everywhere proud’

Forget throwaway fashion girls, the time has come to re-invent and re-use your wardrobe. In with the old and out with the new has never looked so stylish, glamorous and above all individual! It’s a much more ethical way to shop and what could be better than knowing you’re saving the pennies as well as our beautiful planet. The future of fashion is greener and meaner and it’s what we do best.

Who wants to look the same as someone else, parading down the high street in the same trends? No not us, the time has come to get competitive, so branch out ladies, get creative, be ethical and lets re-invent our style. 

Since the dreaded, dare I say it, recession (R-word) took a leisurely stroll over the UK, it stopped us in our tracks amidst the high street and hottest designer buys we just had to buy. Mourning over the cut back on fashion and shoes was a sad and lonely pathway until we fought back hard. Very hard. No way could we let this R-word win and prevent us from looking our absolute best everyday. No way could we not get our fix on the latest buys, so yes we came through and crossed the finishing line by re-inventing ourselves. 
We shopped charity shops creating a vintage chic style, spawning a trend, that made our lovely grandmas everywhere proud. We developed ‘Make Do and Mend’ trends and customised our old classic pieces to give them a new lease of life and we dazzled through with our ‘More Dash than Cash’ aura by swapping clothes with our sophisticated and sassy girlfriends.  

While the recession resulted in many businesses, banks and the general society suffering in a financial crisis. I think we ladies made a stand and fashion battled through to re-create the luxury that none of us could live without.

Its 2010 and these trends are quite simply here to stay, only to be developed further. Businesses are taking on the trends and developing ethical brands, while websites are expanding and standing up to the fast fashion of the high street and designer community. 

After all if we want a greener future, ethical fashion is the only way forward. 

Remember throwaway fashion was sooooooo 2008! 

Taken from my Eco Logic Project

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