Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Vintage Wardrobe

Since I started on my quest to find amazing pieces of vintage to make my look more unique and individual to me, I have actually managed to find some really cool stuff. It wasn't easy, of course, I had to rummage through some not very nice stuff as well as weird items and then some absolutely brilliant and hilarious retro outfits, but I persisted and continued on my search. It felt like I was climbing a never ending mountain of clothes. It was tiring, dusty but most importantly It was great fun, I actually enjoyed the challenge. The clothes and the significant old smell all conjure up interesting stories as your mind works in overdrive and then thats it.....you spot that something fabulous!...At last, a sigh of relief, something that looks cool, easy to wear and bang on trend.  
Its a purchase for sure!

I've found myself that something unique that no-one else will have...BINGO!

I found this awesome mini t-shirt dress at Brick Lane Market for £10 over the weekend and I thought it would be perfect for Glastonbury this year because of course IT IS GOING TO BE DRY AND SUNNY. But I thought it would look really cool with my wellies too. They add a bit of contrast to the stripes and make the look more interesting and fun. I have to say though, it was the back of the dress that really caught my eye. I love how the stripes run in different directions. Its almost like the top has been re-worked from something before...but who knows. 

Vintage Purple and Gold Stripe Mini T-Shirt Dress
Black Knee High Socks
My Trusty Glasto Wellies

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