Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Vintage Wardrobe

Since I started on my quest to find amazing pieces of vintage to make my look more unique and individual to me, I have actually managed to find some really cool stuff. It wasn't easy, of course, I had to rummage through some not very nice stuff as well as weird items and then some absolutely brilliant and hilarious retro outfits, but I persisted and continued on my search. It felt like I was climbing a never ending mountain of clothes. It was tiring, dusty but most importantly It was great fun, I actually enjoyed the challenge. The clothes and the significant old smell all conjure up interesting stories as your mind works in overdrive and then thats spot that something fabulous!...At last, a sigh of relief, something that looks cool, easy to wear and bang on trend.  
Its a purchase for sure!

I've found myself that something unique that no-one else will have...BINGO!

I was exploring the Vintage Stalls at Portobello Market on Friday and I spied this amazing 60s mini dress. It was £20 but I tried haggling for £15 and in the end the lady sold it to me for it £17. I didn't mind...considering how awesome it is and the bright colours are really on trend. I was sooo excited...and felt like now I had really got the vintage buying bug. I can just imagine a young girl partying the night away on the dance floor wearing this during the 60s. It's in great condition and it fits perfectly, although it is a little short maybe, so I thought about wearing it as a top instead, I tried it out with my long pleated skirt and it completely changed the look. 

Perfect with some wedge sandals for a seventies inspired look. 

Pink and Orange 60s Mini Dress

 Vintage Scarf £3 - Portobello Market

Pink and Orange 60s Mini Dress
Long Pleated Skirt
Brown Wedge Sandals
Big Straw Hat

Brown Wedge Sandals

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