Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Vintage Wardrobe

Since I started on my quest to find amazing pieces of vintage to make my look more unique and individual to me, I have actually managed to find some really cool stuff. It wasn't easy, of course, I had to rummage through some not very nice stuff as well as weird items and then some absolutely brilliant and hilarious retro outfits, but I persisted and continued on my search. It felt like I was climbing a never ending mountain of clothes. It was tiring, dusty but most importantly It was great fun, I actually enjoyed the challenge. The clothes and the significant old smell all conjure up interesting stories as your mind works in overdrive and then thats spot that something fabulous!...At last, a sigh of relief, something that looks cool, easy to wear and bang on trend.  
Its a purchase for sure!

I've found myself that something unique that no-one will have...BINGO!

Check out my first vintage purchase from Rokit in Brick Lane. This super cool midi skirt with a grey pattern all over was a bargain at just £16. Its really on trend this season and looks awesome dressed up or down. Its so easy to wear and super comfy.  Here, I've teamed it with a plain white tee and these art deco style wedge sandals that I got from my mum and added an intense rep lip for a super glam forties inspired look.

I'm so pleased with my purchase, I can't wait to rock it at some summer BBQ's. 

Vintage Skirt
Plain White T-Shirt
Brown Belt
Ankle Socks

 Art Deco Inspired Wedge Sandals with Ankle Socks make a chic forties look.

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